crystal radio n. A simple radio receiver, typically incorporating a crystal in the tuner, that has a very long antenna and gets all its operating power from the incoming signal.

the notion that music is processed, imagined and constructed collectively and is always a power outside any one being



Been moving my hosting to a virtual server which is now complete

New stuff appearing in soundcloud weekly


Music in three parts from Juha Penttinen's IH†iЯiEkKo gallery and video installation at Northern Photographic Centre, 29.04.2019 - 26.05.2019, Hallituskatu 7, Oulu, Finland


New EP out, "Myrsky saapuu huomenna"


Reflections relased on major streaming platforms


Upcoming soundtrack for Reflections photo gallery held at Oulu by Juha Penttinen. Here is a preview.
Reflections by Kidekone (a 22 minute soundtrack) will be available through most streaming services on 7th.

Heijastuksia - Reflections
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Juha Penttinen
Tähtitornin kulttuurikahvila, Linnansaari 1, Oulu.
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Planetrise EP released

Planetrise MP3 album on Amazon

Also on iTunes and several other streaming services

Random bits and pieces I put on Soundcloud now and then